Iowa Mind Body Institute



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Energy therapy is the most gentle stess-relieving body therapy there is. This therapy is also good for deep relaxation, reducing pain, fatigue, and inflammation, and enhancing immune response and energy levels.  Clients are fully clothed during the session.

Wellness Coaching

Assists you with the motivation & tools necessary to reach physical and emotional goals.  This type of coaching shows you steps to take and provides encouragement toward your goals. Wellness coaching helps you make better choices in order to be as physically & emotionally healthy as possible.

Nutrition Coaching

The foods you choose play an important role in maintaining your health.  We can offer many options to learn about your diet and nutritional health.  Nutrition specialists will guide you to eating right to put you in the best position to fight your disease.


Yoga is a great way to live more comfortable in your body after you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, etc. Yoga has been shown to decrease stress and pain, improve sleep and energy, increase strength and range of motion, improve lymphatic flow, and enhance digestion, circulation, respiration, joint health, and glandular function. Modifications are available in every posture to make your experience as gentle or challenging as you need it to be. Our yoga practice is meant to work for everyone no matter what your concerns, we will make it work for you and your body!


Guided Meditations and Relaxation are available to relax and access a deeper awareness through connecting your mind, body, and heart through practices of breath and sound.

Light Exercise

Group exercise progams developed by a personal trainer.

Pilates, a safe mind-body exercise that will help you look and feel good. It improves flexibility & strength.

Qi Gong, a Chinese self-healing practice that includes a wide range of gentle exercises, meditations, and self-massage techniques that relieve stress, relax the body, increases awareness, and promotes healing is also available.

Social Support

Various support groups will be held within the center including breast, prostate, lymphomas, etc. One-on-one Cancer support will also be available through the non-profit organization “Imerman Angels”.

Our head and neck support group, Dysphagia From Cancer, is a group that meets once a month that either have or have overcome dysphagia.  Dysphagia is the medical term for difficultly swallowing.  These individuals have or have had cancer of the tongue, mouth, throat, or voice box.  Most patients have undertaken radiation therapy and/or surgery with a large percentage requiring alternative means of nutrition, i.e. feeding tubes.  This group provides support to one another in their recovery to eating again and is guided by the direction of a Speech Language Pathologist. 


Massage therapists from the area will be providing safe massage techniques that will provide patients with pain and stress relief.

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